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Positioning Your Company Protfolio

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Positioning Your Company Protfolio

Recently, Buffer analyzed 15,000 Instagram Protfolio stories from 200 of the world’s biggest brands. Did you know that 400 million people worldwide use Instagram Stories daily? Instagram Stories offer businesses a unique opportunity to capture the direct attention of audiences and potential customers. Instagram Stories content is incredibly engaging, but Protfolio what are the best practices for an entrepreneur? This blog post will show you these best practices. But it will first show you the key findings from buffer’s research. Buffer’s question in november 2018 was. How is instagram stories doing for brands and businesses as a matter of fact heading into 2019. Below is what they found.

One To Seven Stories The Optimal Post Length One To Seven Protfolio

Nasdaq is now threatening to delist Protfolio the company, saying its name “is designed to mislead investors … [and] to capitalize on general investor interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology.” Buffer researched how many individual stories produce the highest completion rate. Completion rate is determined by calculating the number Protfolio of times your stories have been viewed from the first story frame to the last story frame in the given 24-hour period. What the  found is that one to seven stories is the optimal post length. After seven stories, To say nothing of the completion rate drops below 70%. However, it’s important to note here that this is more of a guide than a hard limit on the best time to post on Instagram Stories. It’s crucial to experiment with different story lengths and use your data to determine what works for you.

Instagram Stories Findings From Buffer’s Research Working Protfolio


Even if your brand or business publishes a Protfolio longer story, say 12-20 story frames, the results are phenomenal. There is very little difference in completion rate between 12 and 20 frames as there are between one and seven. Perhaps more incredibly, the top accounts that post twenty or more Stories consistently boast a completion rate Coupled with of fifty-five Protfolio percent or more, proving just how engaging Story content can be. There are hundreds of different factors that go into the Instagram Stories algorithm. Yet, the timing of publishing plays a key role in the success of your content. They found that there are four distinct spikes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Apparently, the best times to post on Instagram

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