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Property that you will have to turn | Mobile List
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Property that you will have to turn

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Property that you will have to turn

They will accompany you step by step in the declaration for the protection of your property trademarks, logo. To apply for protection of your industrial properties Go to the official INPI website . The whole process is done online. ? Then go to the “ Protect your innovations ” section and then to the “ Protect your aesthetic creation ” tab. You will then have the possibility of filing your design or model to protect it. We advise you to register your brand name by associating the corresponding image. Thus, your brand name and logo will be effectively protected. In addition, making these two deposits will allow you to save money because you will only pay one deposit request instead of two. Warning : Check that your request does not contain any characters contrary to the property deposit regulations.

It is impossible to register design or brand name

Protection brings you for your professional logo and your company By filing your logo with the National Institute of Industrial Property, you benefit from protection and a monopoly of use in France for a minimum period of 5 years. This protection T-Shirt Design Service can be renewed 5 times for a maximum period of 25 years so that you can retain the monopoly of exploitation of your design. By making this declaration, the INPI will ensure and ensure the protection of all the distinctive graphic elements of your company, products, services or brand. You will thus be the only one to be able to use these elements for your advertising campaigns, packaging, communication media, etc. Thanks to this protection, you prevent others from appropriating your ideas and thus, you fight against counterfeiters.

Do you want to develop your

T-Shirt Design Service

Business internationally and extend your INPI protection? It is possible to extend your protection to other countries in order to benefit from broader coverage. It is important to find out beforehand if you want to develop your business abroad. Are you Mobile List looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog Copyright for a logo Before starting any collaboration with. A graphic designer, whether for the creation of a logo or other design, it is important to check with him whether the copyrights will be fully transferred to you. Without this, you will not be able to protect your logo because it will not belong to you.

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