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The second reason is the bond fans and subscribers | Mobile List
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The second reason is the bond created with your fans and subscribers

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The second reason is the bond created with your fans and subscribers

Stories are only visible for 24 hours. All social networks have adopted the same functioning: the stories last 24 hours. After this time, the images or videos contained in the story are deleted. So what is a Story for? Stories will allow you to post more and without tarnishing your brand image. It is only the users who want it who will consult your Story. Story content that is only visible for 24 hours is separated from your profile, preventing visual pollution of people’s newsfeeds. Another advantage of stories is in the scope of the latter. Publications posted on your profile will appear in the newsfeed of people in your network. However, stories are visible to EVERYONE. As a result, your visibility on social networks is greatly improved.

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The social networks Instagram and Snapchat (obviously) than on Facebook for example. Why use Stories for my business? The first of the reasons is of course the gain in visibility and the increase in range . When you add a Story, your page has a good chance Logo Designs Service of appearing in a good position in users’ newsfeed, so it’s a real opportunity to show off. This means of broadcasting its news is always very popular with fans and subscribers. The stories will allow you to generate interest for your page and therefore attract potential new customers, the scope of your actions will be even greater! Indeed, your Story will appear not only on the home page of people who follow you but also in the searches of people who do not follow you yet.

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Logo Designs Service

This gives you the opportunity to be more “familiar” with your subscribers without leaving a trace on your profile. A sense of closeness and authenticity is highly valued by fans. Stories also allow you to show your customers behind the scenes. Show a little Mobile List of your daily life, share special moments with your team, small details that make all the difference. Transparency is, today, a concept very much appreciated by consumers. The third reason lies in the original way of proceeding. Stories offer companies and companies a new, more creative and offbeat way of communicating.

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