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The Story Of The Kashmir Remove Background Image

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The Story Of The Kashmir Remove Background Image

When you are an employee of a company. Remove Background Image Stable pay and predictability provide your benefits. But if the desire to develop your business idea is crowned with action, exciting changes in everyday life are guaranteed. Liāna and arturs kažmeri, the creators of the for my plants brand. Share their experience of how the Remove Background Image family’s daily life changes when they change from a stable. Job to an “Entrepreneur” with their spouse. As well as what to consider when starting a business . Arthur and liana have always made plans for their business. A variety of business ideas have been considered. From the production of children’s. Bed linen and toys to the establishment of a newspaper. Publishing house and a whiskey factory. The decision to start.

His Own Business Came In The Autumn Of 2019.when Remove Background Image

His own business came in the autumn Remove Background Image of 2019.When the youngest son of the kashmir family was one year old. And the idea arose to create a high-quality soil mixture. Providing each home with professional-grade houseplants in each home. As a result, liana did not return to her job after maternity leave while arthur. Remove Background Image Continued to combine her previous job with the development. Of a family business for another year. For more than a year now, both have their own work responsibilities in their own company. Growth and development in the workplace that helps your. Business after studying marketing and advertising. Liāna has gained long-term work experience at valmiermuiža brewery. Developing her career from an assistant public relations specialist.

To A Brand Manager. After Graduating From High School. Remove Background Image


Remove Background Image

To a brand manager. After graduating Remove Background Image from high school. arthur has worked in a variety of professions, from an insurance. broker’s assistant to a bartender. to a peat extraction and processing company for the past ten years, where he learned about peat extraction in swamps and its processing plant, as well as delivering peat worldwide. As we have both worked for a long time in previous jobs. it has been a valuable basis Remove Background Image for our understanding of the company’s operations. day-to-day work organization and field-specific knowledge. In search of our way we have also developed additional skills outside of office hours. For example I have mastered both programming and photo and video. processing as well as the creation of an online store. which is currently successfully used in the development of our company ”says arturs. Initially it was

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